A Friday Challenge

This will challenge the vast majority of people, even if they are courageous enough to get past her book title.

Reni Eddo-Lodge stakes a claim for intellectual honesty in race debates – RN – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)



I have caught the Poetry-Disease. Is it terminal?

I have caught it.

I knew, if I mucked around on the fringes,

delving, and sampling and attending festivals

That I would be caught

And it has happened. I am caught up in poetry.

Well how else can I possibly explain

an entire day spent in a trance

Listening, lost within an unabridged

audio book of The Prelude

I am lost




Personal power

What an inspiring and outstanding young person

I wish him every success and happiness


A woman’s RIGHT to her body

I still find it hard believe that we are still having to actively battle for the right to choose. #mychoice

I marched in woman’s rights/pro-choice rallies for this in the 70s and still the right to abortion is not a legal right her in Queensland nor NSW

A fabulous article by Ms Jane Caro


A Stuff Free Silly Season

An email newsletter arrived overnight to remind me to not get caught up in the pull of the over the top stupidity of the Silly Season/Christmas/Xmas/Holidays……what ever name you label it. Contrary to what some folk have said about me, I don’t hate Xmas, i love the getting together with loved ones and sharing and spending special times, I do however hate the rampant and mindless commercialism that drives way too many

I will share the email text below as it has good ideas for us all to make easy small changes within our giving circles. And ultimately be part of a social change for the better.

” However you celebrate, the holiday season provides an opportunity express gratitude for what we have and to spend time with the ones we love. But for years, retailers have been trying to write a new story for the holidays, one that puts presents before presence. Instead of expressing our love by doing stuff with our families, corporations want us to keep buying Stuff for them.

But this consumer frenzy has serious consequences for the planet, and is turning the holidays into a time of stress and anxiety.

That’s why we’re sharing these tips for a simpler holiday season:

1 Participate in Buy Nothing Day on November 24. Take the pledge to avoid crowded malls on the busiest shopping day of the year, and invite your friends to do the same!

2 Start a conversation about Stuff. Talk with your friends and family about where our Stuff comes from and where it goes – and the impacts on people and the planet along the way. Sharing The Story of Stuff movie on social media is a great icebreaker!

3 Give a non-material gift like event tickets, membership to a local museum, or a charitable donation in someone’s name.

4 Gift something home-made or second-hand like baked goods, upcycled art, or quality used items.

5 Volunteer with a local charity or community organization – and bring your friends along, too.

6 Make a plan to relax. Holiday obligations and activities can leave us with little time to truly recharge. Set aside some time to get out into nature or to simply curl up with a good book.

7 Give the gift of an empty mailbox with Catalog Choice. This free website operated by The Story of Stuff Project can help you cancel unwanted catalogs and other junk mail. Sign up and get started now!

Check out hundreds more ideas for a simpler holiday season on our “Un-Stuff Your Holiday” Pinterest board. Or, read 15 commercial-free holiday tips for families from our friends at New Dream.

Finally, be sure to join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where you can tell us how you #BuyLessLiveMore this holiday season.

From all of us at The Story of Stuff Project,”

Friday essay: when did Australia’s human history begin?

I read this thought provoking article from The Conversation over the weekend. It makes me think about my own dialogue and language I use as I participate in the in going conversations with my fellow Australian citizens about the makeup of modern society and the respect we truly convey to the first people’s who were here for generation after generation after generation before we white folks decided we “discovered” this southern land.

It also makes me aware of the fluid nature of science and research. Fluid in the sense that each new piece of research adds to the exisiting picture of the past and of life and how we perceive our world and how we treat this precious planet.