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Australia Day Blues

This time of year is a challenging time for me and has been for several decades. A month and a day after the xmas silly season ends up looms the conflict that is Australia Day.

Let me state outright. I yearn for a day I can joyfully and whole heartily celebrate living on this incredible land. To celebrate Australia Day without any reservations. But the current date set down as the day is one that causes great ongoing pain and trauma to too many of my friends. Many if these friends too have told me they would love to joyfully celebrate an Australia Day, but not this date that is steeped in do much cultural pain. This group of my friends are Aboriginal people.

I do also state clearly that while I was not born on this ground I have lived here for longer than any other place and I have chosen to make this my home and I am incredibly grateful that I have been granted citizenship and I truly cherish this.

Below is the summary of my musings over a long period of years and after many open frank discussions with people on this subject, some folk think along similar lines as myself others have quite different thoughts. So I respectfully share my thoughts here written in a sort of Judy-Prose-Poem.

Australia Day Living:

Past wrongs must always be righted


They fester and ulcerate and eat away at the very fabric of relationships

It doesn’t even matter if you involved personally within the original wrong

Because if you are within any relationship with an unresolved wrong you are either contributing to the increase of pain or assisting in the healing process

This applies to all areas of your life

Be it your private, personal relationships

Within your family relationships

Within your work community

Within your wider community and social interactions

Or even within your Nations interaction and history

And further still, right out to our place in the world and on this earth

And perhaps, even further than that.

We each have a responsibility to choose

Whether we are part of the healing or part of the continuing, growing hurt.


Coffee Grounds As A Herbicide

Important garden information for anyone who uses coffee grounds from a much respected expert. Thank goodness I reuse grounds via the compost heap

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Coffea robusta, flanks of Kelud Volcano, Java. Coffea robusta, flanks of Kelud Volcano, Java.

“Can I grow blueberries without peat?” Ask Alys Fowler is a gardening Q&A column in The Guardian newspaper. How misleading could a gardening Q&A response be?

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Personal power

What an inspiring and outstanding young person

I wish him every success and happiness

A woman’s RIGHT to her body

I still find it hard believe that we are still having to actively battle for the right to choose. #mychoice

I marched in woman’s rights/pro-choice rallies for this in the 70s and still the right to abortion is not a legal right her in Queensland nor NSW

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