Germaine Greer:Old Women & Young Feminism

You speak words of truth here. The unacknowledged “age of irrelevance “. I remember being so shocked when I realised I had appeared to have literally become invisible in many places in daily life. I saw it as being presented with a choice, acquiescence or fight………..I chose fight. It really is true that older women become even more radical. And part of that for me is the discovery that many people and things around me are actually irrelevant to me and my life and I have the power to step away from them.

It is difficult to know how to be a feminist. Just saying you believe in equality for women is all well and good, but it doesn’t really help you or anyone when you have to get down to the details of what that means. When it comes to deciding on what kinds of actions and discourses will contribute most fully  to the betterment of womanity. And that is even before you get to more tricky, philosophical concepts such as liberation and emancipation.

Germaine Greer is a perfect example of why we need to move with the times as feminists and keep on learning. Embarrassing and dangerous.


One thing you can do to implement your feminist credentials successfully, however, is to not be an Old Woman. You can be any number of things as a feminist, woman, man or mineral, but if you are going to be an Old Woman feminist, you’d better do it in a chronically kowtowing, know your place, kind of way. Despite your years on this cragged sphere, your many…

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