Why I’ll be working on January 26…

Think people. Please think before you dash off to “celebrate” on a date that must be changed

Anita Heiss

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It’s that time of year again when I feel incredibly tired and anxious. January 26 is approaching and my social media timelines are full of the angst the date brings to those who know, understand and embrace the true history of this country. At the same time, many others are in full swing ready to barbie and party in the name of ‘Australia Day’ (and it’s attached public holiday).

I’m tired because every year we have to explain why January 26 is problematic as a national day of celebration. Every year we desperately seek leadership in bringing us together as a nation so we can celebrate as a collective.

January 26 is not that date. And if you don’t understand why, perhaps ask yourself a couple of questions: Is it appropriate to celebrate a day that relates to the colonisation a nation? Should we celebrate a date that is linked…

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