Marlpa Volunteers Living the High Life!

Kapululangu Aboriginal Women Law and Culture Centre

IMG_4627“I’m baaackkk!”

I have finally managed to drag myself away from Kununurra – that water-logged township of the East Kimberley. And am now back in Balgo.

Whilst in “the big smoke” I spent more time wet than dry … which is a starkly sad contrast with life in Balgo where it is simply very dry and very, very hot.

There were swims in countless pools to be had, and a couple of brave non-encounters with crocodiles. The ultimate was diving into the brink off the boat during a cruise of Lake Argyle.

For a desert girl, there can be few joys more enjoyable than soaking in a puddle twenty-one times larger than the Sydney Harbour! And that’s on a dry day. During the Wet Season when Lake Argyle is in flood it has been known to swell to 80 times the size of Sydney Harbour. Wow! That’s truly unimaginable!


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