Jottings from an activist

When you live from a heart connection, when you step up and voice your disquiet with a societal wrong, an injustice an imbalance, you start on a journey from which there is no turning back. Once you open your eyes to the way people in our society treat those “lower” down the ladder than themselves you can choose to speak up or shut your mouth and turn away.

But,  be aware, if you do speak up you are forever changed.  

I first spoke out against the social trend when I was 14 when I took part in my school speech competition.  This was in 1970……….just a few years ago…………and my topic was Pollution.  I read, and I studied and I practiced my speech and this quiet, shy very well behaved girl was changed forever.  I learned so much about the way we humans were deliberately destroying our environment and I could not understand why people were not horrified and fighting for action.  All the adults sagely nodded their heads and agreed with my words, then went straight back to living a life focused purely on money and power.  I still can recite that speech off by heart, but there is always so much work to do.


I constantly speak out against racial injustice in this country, about our appalling attitude to asylum seekers, about food security, about the rights of women and children, and I know I drive my family crazy and friends start to run a mile if I open my mouth. But truly I can not help it, if only others would speak up rather than accept the status quo and shrug their shoulders, or throw a few $$$$ toward a fund raising drive.  $$$$$ can help in the short term but do not effect change.  

So for anyone who may read this, I ask,

  1. Do you consider yourself an activist or a good global citizen
  2. Do you feel supported in your journey
  3. Do you embarass those close to you with your passion and enthusiasm 
  4. How do you take that next step forward when the battle has again been lost or crushed

It has been a full on couple of weeks and for someone who is essentially a very private person I feel like retreating to my hermit cave deep in the bush somewhere.


One thought on “Jottings from an activist

  1. Alisha

    It’s good to voice ones opinion and stand firm on it. I’m a good global citizen who has not been supported through our the journey by some who try to stop me from doing what I want.. i do not embarrass them rather I show them what I can and what I will.



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