Aboriginal protest in Brisbane – May 2nd, 2015

Thoughts and photos from a man who bumped into the 2 May rally in Brisbane by chance and is sharing his experience. Hopefully next month he may also join us and March alongside and perhaps someone else reading this will open their eyes and hearts and join in too.  #sosblakaustralia

Adam Robert Young

Australian media. While I’ve always known the agendas of media moguls play a large part in the news that gets play and that which news goes unreported, but the events of this weekend have really opened my eyes in a new way.

It all started when my wife and I decided to walk into the city from South Bank to grab some food for a very late lunch on Saturday afternoon. I had been shooting the performances put on as part of the Buddha’s Birthday Festival at South Bank, and while there was a food market as part of the festival, we both wanted something a bit more “meaty”. Vegetarian just isn’t our thing!

As we had almost reached Queen Street Mall, we heard the sound of a large crowd shouting. Looking up, I saw a large crowd of what I later found out to be about 3000 people marching along…

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