Recipe – Seeded Crackers

So, I’m really exciting about this recipe that I’m going to share with you today. I have been making these crackers for years and at first, I was a …

Recipe – Seeded Crackers

Trying to understand modern politics

I saw on The Project last night a short segment on some Liberal politician trying to impress and raise his profile and he was out and walking about with that old war-horse John Howard. I reflected on that and came to the conclusion that they must be desperate- the current crop of Pollies of all political shades are all so totally vapid, so out they go and wind up the figure from past battles that seemed to be strong. Maybe we will soon see Bob Hawke and Paul Keating out on the hustings soon too?

This lead to further musings after reading of our ridiculous current PMs blunder (I think he is still in the hot seat as I write but who knows. Perhaps another coup is happening 😝🤣😉) into aggressive dominant male speak -yuk 🤢-

Anyway this musing lead me to realise that our poor pollies don’t stand a chance. We as a society have created a culture of expectation that those in charge will have all the answers, to everything, in an instant and on demand. But, they never have a moment to pause and think. I attended a workshop last weekend and one of the gifts I walked away with was the reminder to

” just Pause, then exhale”

I wonder how I would feel about hearing one of these public figures respond to media barrages or a question from someone they meet, with a considered pause, and a breath space and then an “I hear you, but I don’t have an answer to that. I am taking it on notice and will find out what I can”

The political spin machine is insane. And I am starting to really believe that those little hamsters frantically running on the spot in the big wheel, inside Parliament House inside the Canberra Bubble, either actually believe they are being genuine or the other alternative is that they are actually A.I. robots 🤣🤣🤣. I met our local member Ted O’Brien briefly at a community forum last week and the resemblance to being in the room with a frantic overwound clockwork toy was amazing. Can’t be good for his health, nor for us as a community.

No pretty picture today, just considered musings as I try and figure out how to participate with the social obligations of choosing who to represent me while maintaining my own personal integrity and honouring my ethics and values. I don’t have an answer for that yet, I will take it in notice and get back to you 😉🤣

Does anyone have the right to ‘speak on the behalf of’? | Aeon Essays

A very thought provoking essay

In the tapestry of diverse social groups, the loudest and most extreme get heard. To whom should we actually listen?
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“When we look to social media and news media to find out what a social group thinks about an issue, we should bear in mind that we’re not getting a balanced picture. We’re getting a small sample of people who happen to be motivated enough to write something, or who are confident enough to write, or who have been empowered (or have empowered themselves) to write. If we want to know what members of the wider social group think, rather than just a few individual members who might or might not be representative, then we’ll have to do more.”

Decolonise Your Diet | thrivalinternational

Decolonise Your Diet starts June 27th 2018 6pm on 98.9FM A 10 part docuseries by Kaiyu and Tiga Bayles. . The series will also be promoted as podcasts. Links posted when published. We hope you u enjoy part 1, the beginning of An Australian Health Revolution. In the series we look at what the country…
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